How to earn from lottery? Check this out!

As some of you may have noticed, I’ve been churning out a bunch of lottery-related content recently, and you guys haven’t seen half of it! In addition to my major statistical study on WoV.

How can I earn profits from the lottery?

  1. A statistical page for WorldCasinoDirectory that will be published pretty soon. If you have read my statistical loss/resident report on WizardofOdds, then I have to be honest and say that’s there’s really not any great reason to read this one. It’s the same basic information being presented in a different way, but WCD gets a good deal of lottery traffic.
  2. An article here focusing on a lottery game in the State of Wyoming for which the state lost money.
  3. Updates for the RealMoneyAction states’ pages that have had basic lottery data included with them.
  4. A page for that will analyze the effects that Covid may have had on lottery sales, which will be published shortly.

Other lottery-related articles and pages that I will be writing in the near future will include:

1.) There will be another Wizard of Odds page in December that will complete the study on the impacts of Covid-19 on lottery revenues. The reason this additional page will be necessary is because the page that is about to be published only contains partial data for some of the states studied. Furthermore, a few of the states in the study have not completed the audits, and therefore, have not published any official reports yet on 2020.

2.) I hope to do an analysis on loss per resident in other countries, so that they may be compared to losses per resident in various U.S. States. I would also make a comparison to the United States, as a whole, but that would be a partially incorrect comparison because five states do not have lotteries, and more than that, the specific games offered are left up to the states.

3.) I hope to do interviews with some players who play the lottery with any real frequency to see if they are aware of how poor the lottery returns are and what their motivations for playing are. As far as motivations for playing are concerned, this will focus more on Instant Tickets and Daily Drawing Games players as the motivations for playing games like Powerball and Mega Millions should be considered fairly obvious.

In any event, each of these interviews will be relatively brief, as a result, they will likely be published as one article on here.

4.) While this is not lottery-related, I will shortly be doing a nationwide study on the effects that Covid-19 had on casino revenues for the year 2020. It should be known that this study will only include state licensed and regulated Commercial Casinos. The reason for that is because Tribal Casinos are not necessarily required to publicly report revenues; it just depends on what state in which the Native American casino is located.

In addition to this being done for a WoO Page, chances are that I will be doing alternate versions, containing the same or similar data, for one or more of our other sites.

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