Review of Roulette Home of Hockey

Roulette Home of Hockey is a unique proprietary online roulette game that was created for the Scandinavian and Baltic markets only. This varied table game is exclusive to Nordic Bet Casino and affiliated sites, where you can also discover a mobile-optimized version of the game with modified controls. The Roulette Home of Hockey takes a traditional table game and spices it up with updated visuals and extra betting possibilities, based on the famous European variant of roulette.

As the saying goes, the devil is in the details, and this game shows that. As you play, you discover a variety of important elements that are not immediately apparent, but which significantly enhance the playing experience. Do you want to determine the profitability of your wager? Simply hover a chip over a table region, and the relevant information will appear immediately. You want to know which numbers are hot or what the payout percentage for red/black is. Simply bring up the side menu on the right side of your screen to get the necessary statistics.

In addition to its user-friendliness, Roulette Home of Hockey is a game that can communicate with every sort of roulette player. This traditional game offers both low and high betting limits, as well as the “racetrack” wagers sought by many more seasoned gamblers. Regardless of your betting experience or budget, this distinctive game will meet all of your playing requirements.

More Gambling Than a Hockey Match

The Roulette Home of Hockey is played in the same manner as an online roulette game. To begin, you must first choose one of the eleven chip values shown on the screen. Minimum chip size is 0.10 credits, and maximum chip size is 500 credits. With these chips, you may wager as little as 0.10 credits every round and as much as 5,000 credits per spin.

The primary betting grid is where the conventional roulette bets are located. You may wager on individual numbers by putting a chip on them, as well as on groupings of numbers. Two adjacent numbers (split bet), three consecutive numbers (street bet), four adjacent numbers (corner bet), and two nearby “streets” (line bet) are wagering alternatives. To locate these multiple-number wagers, hover your chips over the corners or outside edges of the number fields, and the game will highlight the numbers contained in the wager. The payouts for this set of wagers range from 35:1 for predicting a single number to 5:1 for a line wager (two “streets”).

You may also wager on the first, second, and third column of numbers as well as the first (1-12), second (13-24), and third (14-36) handful of numbers on the main betting grid. Both wagers pay 2:1 and lose if a 0 appears on the roulette wheel. Below these possibilities are the red/black, odd/even, and high/low wagering options. All of these wagers are on two alternative outcomes, such as whether the next number will be odd or even, high (1-18) or low (19-36), etc (19-36). Therefore, they all provide payments of 1:1. Furthermore, if a 0 is rolled, these wagers will lose.

In addition to the basic wagers, the Roulette Home of Hockey also offers the “orphelins” and “voisins” wagers that are often seen on a French Roulette table. These wagers are shown by default while playing on a desktop computer, but must be requested by hitting the “racetrack” button when using a mobile phone or tablet. All of the wagers in this “racetrack” area allow you to wager on a cluster of numbers (as they appear on the roulette wheel), with a maximum of seventeen numbers for the price of seven.

For instance, the zero bet allows you to wager on the 0 and six adjacent numbers on the roulette wheel.

The “voisins” wager works the same thing, but increases the stakes by allowing you to wager on 16 surrounding numbers in addition to 0. The Tiers wager, on the other hand, allows you to wager on the lowest third of the roulette wheel, giving you 12 numbers for the cost of 6. The last option, the “Orphelins” (orphans in English) wager, allows you to wager on the eight remaining numbers on the roulette wheel that have not been covered by any of the preceding wagers. The payouts for these fixed wagers are the same as other wagers in the game, but they change based on the amount of numbers wagered on simultaneously.

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