Kingdoms Rise: Shadow Queen Video Slot Game Available Online

Reviews of the Online Slot Game Kingdoms Rise: Shadow Queen

Playtech and Ash Gaming have collaborated to create a slot game that is packed with strong symbols. In addition to the many magical figures, the reels of this game also include treasure chests, potions, and crystals. The amounts that are now in each of the three progressive jackpots are shown off to the side, while the action of the game itself takes place against the ornate background of the Magic Wheel.

It looks nice on desktop as well as mobile devices, and it sounds good as well owing to some exciting background music.

Wild symbols represent the Shadow Queen herself, and scatter symbols are what trigger the Magic Wheel bonus round. This is a 4-level feature that rewards Magic Wins, which are free spins bonus rounds with guaranteed winnings, in addition to growing multipliers. You have an equal chance of winning any one of three jackpots, with the Epic reward beginning at one hundred thousand dollars.

Playing the Kingdoms Rise: Shadow Queen Online Slot: a Guide to the Game

Kingdoms Rise: Shadow Queen is a slot game developed by Playtech. It is user-friendly and offers a diverse betting range, making it suitable for players of varying levels of expertise and amounts of available cash. You may wager anywhere from ten cents to five hundred dollars on each spin, with a wide variety of possibilities available in between. You can quickly adjust all of these settings by utilizing the Plus and Minus tabs on the control panel.

Autoplay and Turbo modes may be selected, and there is also a Features Shop that can be accessed at any time. In this shop, tokens earned from playing the game can be traded in for access to the bonus rounds.

At the best mobile casinos, the whole experience, including the gameplay, choices, features, and aesthetics, is same regardless of the device you choose to play (personal computer, laptop, Macintosh computer, smartphone, or tablet computer).

Free Spins in Addition to Other Bonus Features in Kingdoms Rise: Shadow Queen

In addition to the wild symbol depicting the Shadow Queen, you also have a wheel scatter symbol. When this symbol appears on the center three reels of the Kingdoms Rise: Shadow Queen slot machine at the same moment, it activates the game’s primary bonus.

You begin by spinning the first level of the Magic Wheel to earn up to three Magic Win spins, and the Magic Wheel has a total of four levels. If an arrow directs you to the next wheel, you may spin that wheel to collect a maximum of 5 Magic Win spins; the wheels that come after that lead to maximums of 7, then 10, respectively.

These Magic Win spins always have the potential to produce winning combinations, and spins that don’t result in a win are ignored when calculating your total. After each victory, a multiplier will increase the value of your reward by one time; hence, by the time the round is up, you may be able to claim a win that is worth ten times the initial value.

The Kingdoms Rise: Shadow Queen slot game, similar to the others in the series, has three progressive jackpots, each of which awards a prize at random. The Daily Strike may be won once each day, while the Power Strike awards prizes whenever it reaches a certain threshold. The Epic progressive jackpot begins at the amount of 100,000.00 and continues to rise until it is won.

Keep an eye out for golden coin tokens, since they will emerge at various points during the basic games. These will be added to a meter, and if you have accumulated enough of them, you will be able to trade them in at the Kingdoms Rise Shop in return for access to extra games. However, you will need quite a few of them since the price of 10 Win Spins is 2,700 tokens.

Shadow Queen Slot Game from Kingdoms Rise Payouts Capacity, Return to Player, and Volatility

Aside from the enormous amount that may be won from the Epic Jackpot, the maximum that can be won from this game is 6,250 times your wager, which comes to an incredible 3,125,000.00 for bets of just $500.00. Playing this game, which has average returns of 96.46 percent and a high volatility, is not only thrilling but also has the potential to be highly profitable.

Kingdoms Arise: The Verdict of the Shadow Queen

If you like slot games with a magical or fantastical theme, then you are going to adore Kingdoms Rise: Shadow Queen. It is possible that it may be more difficult to line up winning symbols than it is in games with lesser volatility, but once the Win Spins feature has been activated, payouts and multipliers are assured.

Be sure to check out the other games in the Kingdoms Rise series, such as Legend of Elvenstone and Forbidden Forest, since each one transports you to a distinct world and offers a gaming experience and set of features that are entirely unique from the others in the series.

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